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Vehicle Tracking - Based in Sussex, Covering the UK

At Sheridan we offer solutions for every type of vehicle and fleet.

  • Web based – NO IT investment needed

  • View current position of your fleet instantly via gps satellites

  • Identify the nearest vehicle location to where you are needed

  • Monitor excessive speeding and bad driver behaviourAlerts

  • Reports – emailed direct to you

  • Access using a phone/mobile device or a web browser

  • Geofencing allowing management of work areas

  • Accurate journey histories, emailed direct to you

Vehicle Tracking installed by Sheridan Installations Sussex UK

Our advanced Car Trackers provide security and peace of mind that your vehicle is protected from theft.

If your vehicle is stolen, a tracking device uses GSM or GPS tracking to send out regular updates about its position with the latest in real time tracking technology. These updates are received and you can monitor the location of your vehicle and take appropriate action.

Vehicle devices like trackers offer the ultimate piece of mind. But this isn't their only advantage - did you know that vehicle trackers could actually lower your insurance premium? This is because they're recognised as a safety measure against vehicle theft.

All our vehicle trackers have their own bespoke features to choose from, depending on your own specific requirements. They can be fitted quickly and efficiently by Sheridan Installations engineers.

Any sort of vehicle tracker represents a great way to control and reduce the cost of car and vehicle insurance as they are seen as a key solution to both prevent theft and recovery of your vehicle in the event it is stolen.

GPS Car Tracking by Sheridan Installations Sussex UK
Vehicle Fleet Tracking by Sheridan Installations Sussex UK
Van Tracking by Sheridan Installations Sussex UK
Caravan Tracking System by Sheridan Installations Sussex UK
HGV Tracking System by Sheridan Installations Sussex UK
Plant Vehicle Tracking System by Sheridan Installations Sussex UK

We provide state-of-the-art telematics units that are specifically designed for your fleet. We pride ourselves on going the extra mile to ensure all our products are tailored to your application - whether your fleet consists of HGVs, LCVs, cars, or plant and equipment - we’ve got you covered!

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