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Driver Safety Cameras installed by Sheridan Installations Sussex UK

Driver Safety Cameras
(Dash Cams)

In your car, Motorhome or van, Benefit from extra insurance when on the road. We provide and install driver safety dash cameras, ensuring that nothing slips under the radar when on the road. Record and store all road activity so you can rest assured that you’ll have accident witness footage to look back on when involved in an unfortunate situation on the road.

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At Sheridan Installations, your safety is our top priority. However, sometimes some situations are beyond our control. That’s why we go above and beyond to ensure that we can support you through your journey through high-quality accident cameras, allowing you to look back, and take the necessary steps following a road accident. 

Thinkware Q800 Pro Dash Cam installed by Sheridan Installations Sussex UK


Our Thinkware range provides accurate video, speed, time & date, G-force, and location information that’s easy to access. The Cameras offer a 120-degree field of view, offering wide-angle, distortion-free video. Connect with us today and benefit from: 
Improve driver behaviour

  • Allows claims to be settled more effectively and efficiently

  • Eligible for use in court to exonerate driver of any blame

  • Full 2-year warranty and UK based customer support

  • With Thinkware range you can connect directly to your mobile phone or tablet to get instant access to your footage if required 

THINKWARE DASH CAM U1000 Installed by Sheridan Installations
THINKWARE DASH CAM F790 Installed by Sheridan Installations
THINKWARE DASH CAM F800 PRO Installed by Sheridan Installations


Introducing the flagship U1000 dash cam by Thinkware, renowned for its cutting-edge technology. This remarkable device captures pristine 4K UHD footage for your front-facing scenes and employs a 2K QHD rear camera to record rear views.


Accompanied by the acclaimed Super Night Vision 2.0, this dash cam ensures exceptional recording quality, whether it's day or night.

Loaded with an array of advanced functionalities, including built-in GPS, a comprehensive Speed Camera Database, Advanced Parking Mode, Timelapse mode, and Energy Saving Mode, this dash cam guarantees extended protection. For enhanced capabilities, consider adding the optional Radar module.

Leveraging the Thinkware Cloud App, you can access a suite of features such as Geo-fencing, Vehicle locator, and Impact notifications. These added safeguards contribute to an even higher level of vehicle protection.


The Thinkware F790 dash cam utilizes the CMOS Imaging sensor to enable clear and sharp recording of 1080p Full HD video. This capability extends to nighttime recording through its advanced Super Night Vision 3.0 technology.

With its integrated mount and power supply, the F790 offers easy and swift camera removal. The camera boasts additional features, including Advanced Parking mode with Energy Saving 2.0 and Time Lapse technology. These functionalities enhance your protection over extended periods.

Furthermore, the dash cam is equipped with built-in GPS, providing access to various useful features like the speed camera database, enhancing your driving experience.


The Thinkware F800PRO stands as an advanced front-facing dashcam kit, offering high-definition 1080p resolution. Equipped with 16GB of storage, this kit presents an array of impressive features. These include Geo Fencing, vehicle locating, impact notifications, and road safety alerts. The camera proudly incorporates Sony Exmor R STARVIS technology, ensuring vibrant color representation and optimal resolution. This STARVIS technology enhances the low-light sensitivity of Exmor R, resulting in exceptional image quality within both visible and near-infrared spectra. This innovation enables clear imaging even in environments with limited illumination.

Included within the package is a hardwire cable designed to activate the built-in Parking Surveillance Mode of your Thinkware Dash Cam during periods of vehicle parking.

THINKWARE DASH CAM F800 Installed by Sheridan Installations
THINKWARE DASH CAM T700 Installed by Sheridan Installations
THINKWARE DASH CAM F200PRO Installed by Sheridan Installations


Emerging as an essential possession, dash cams have emerged as a standout triumph in recent times within the realm of consumer technology.

Much like the evolution witnessed in technologies that propelled smartphones into omnipresence, dash cams have now become more budget-friendly and encompass significantly more sophisticated features compared to just a few years ago.

Characteristics of Thinkware F800 AIR:
In January 2017, the F800 was introduced with the additional moniker "Air." This denoted the introduction of a novel Cloud storage and backup service, along with the capability of the F800 to send remote notifications to a Smart app on your mobile device through a Thinkware account.

The development and finalization of the Air features and Cloud system by Thinkware have taken more time than initially anticipated. As a result, this particular variant of the F800 is being launched without these features.


Introducing our pioneering 4G LTE-enabled dashcam - the T700. This innovative device empowers users to seamlessly receive notifications and remotely review captured footage while they're away from their vehicle, all in real-time. This convenient functionality is facilitated through the Thinkware Connected LTE smartphone app.

At the heart of the connected dashcam T700 lies its focus on user convenience, prominently showcased through its remarkable 'Connected Service' feature. This feature harnesses the power of Vodafone Smart SIM, enabling uninterrupted connectivity. Leveraging the swiftest 4G connectivity available, this new feature unlocks a host of vital capabilities.

The T700 doesn't stop at connectivity; it also provides an expansive view of the road. With its 1080p full HD resolution and an impressive 140-degree wide field of view, users can be confident in capturing the complete picture.


Additionally, the dashcam offers advanced features like Super Night Vision for enhanced low-light recording. Its Parking Mode is equally feature-rich, encompassing Motion and Impact Detection, time-lapse recording, and Energy Saving Parking Recording to promote energy efficiency.


 Powered by a Sony Exmor CMOS image sensor, the Thinkware F200 Pro is an affordable dash cam which incorporates built-in WiFi and a multitude of different features at an excellent price. Along with its upgraded Ambarella CPU, the F200 Pro offers Full HD resolution, Super Night Vision and Time Lapse during Parking Mode to provide continuous and seamless recording at 2fps. Additionally, it also incorporates ADAS and safety camera alerts to deliver a wholistic dash cam experience. 

Record your journeys in Full HD 1080p, saving them to the 16GB memory card (included, can be upgraded to 64GB) giving you a reliable witness in the event of an incident. The 140° wide-angle lens ensures you capture all the detail you need. Footage is recorded to a MicroSD card that can be removed and transferred to a PC or Mac using the memory card adaptor provided. No need to format the card manually as when the memory card is full old footage is automatically recorded over.

THINKWARE DASH CAM F100 Installed by Sheridan Installations
THINKWARE DASH CAM F70 Installed by Sheridan Installations
THINKWARE SPORTS M1 Installed by Sheridan Installations


THINKWARE’s new F100 2 Channel Camera is an affordable three option for consumers and drivers of commercial vehicles. The rear camera option allows drivers to have a clear view of incidents at the rear, recording HD 720p video at 30 frames per second. For taxi drivers, there is an IR camera (internal) option. It films inside the vehicle making taxi journeys safer for the driver and rider.


The external camera option is weatherproof and captures any incidents at the rear, particularly useful for drivers of commercial vehicles. It also features Safety Camera Alerts when connected to the external GPS antenna, providing drivers’ regularly updated information on verified speed/red light camera locations and known mobile speed traps. 

The F100 is equipped with an Ambarella A12 chipset and Sony Exmor CMOS image sensor that records detailed full HD 1080p video at 30 frames per second, a 135-degree wide viewing angle and a built in Active Impact monitoring system. The THINKWARE F100 dash cam certainly fits a lot of features into its small and elegant design.


With most car manufacturers still not fitting forward-facing cameras of their own, the dash cam market is still thriving. They are often compact, affordable and simple to install, yet record HD footage of the road ahead, which could provide you with potentially crucial evidence in the event of a collision.

Thinkware is one of the world’s biggest dash cam manufacturers and produces a wide range of options spanning all budgets. Sat at the lower end of the scale is the Thinkware F70, which is compact, simple and affordable, but still includes the most important features like 1080p video and crash detection.

The F70 records at 1080p resolution, also known as Full HD. This is adequate for most situations and means crucial details like car number plates can be seen clearly. The camera shoots through a wide-angle 140-degree lens, which means you get a good view of the road ahead and across the full width of your lane.


The Thinkware M1 Sports Camera is designed to record Full HD 1080p video at 30fps, serving as a reliable eyewitness in case of any incidents. It is well-suited for various vehicles, including Motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs, Heavy Equipment, and Agricultural Machines. Equipped with a built-in Gyro sensor, the M1 offers electronic image stabilization to maintain clear and comprehensible footage.

Whether you're an avid motorcyclist or an adventurous explorer riding an ATV through rugged terrain, the versatile Thinkware M1 Sports Cam is the perfect companion. This 1080p all-terrain camera can be easily installed on your vehicle to document your thrilling motorsports escapades. No need to worry about adverse weather conditions, as the M1 boasts a robust and weatherproof IP66-rated body, ensuring it can endure rain, dust, and mud. The advanced Electronic Image Stabilization feature guarantees smooth and steady video recordings, eliminating the issue of shaky footage caused by uneven roads and vibrations. Embrace your journey with the M1 Motorsports Cam by your side.

Titan camera in car




TITAN Witness Camera
(The Lockable Fleet Camera)

TITAN I forward-facing, and TITAN 2 front and rear facing tamperproof witness cameras for your fleet dash camera operations. Only the chosen key holder can access or format the TITAN in your Truck, van, plant or cars. The 165° ultra-wide viewing angle allows an unparalleled view of the road ahead. Additionally, it stores up to 6 weeks of event retention meaning important recordings are there when you need them. Large SD Cards are available for this product allowing time to get to the unit and access the footage after the event.

TITAN Witness Camera Installed by Sheridan Installations
  • 1920x1080 HD Forward facing camera

  • 30 Frames Per Second

  • 145 Degree camera angle

  • Tamper-proof

  • 3 Recording modes - Driving, Parking & Event

  • Built in 11-bit Axis sensor (X,Y,Z)

  • Supports Micro SD card up to 128Gb (sold separately)

  • 40 Hours recording time (Maximum)

  • High sensitivity microphone with PCM compression

  • Battery protection

  • 12-24v

  • Built in battery protector

  • Built in GPS

  • Format free

  • Built in ignition timer relay


  • Fleet Discounts available

TITAN Witness Camera Installed by Sheridan Installations

The TITANS are a rich and feature-filled witness camera. High-quality video protected by encryption and password protection, along with variable bit-rate recording and in-built format free technology. This ensures that your data is both safe and accurate.

Available with GPS tracking, low voltage battery protection and 6-axis G-sensor as standard.

Fully hardwired and tamperproof from unauthorised access to the SD card, along with a windscreen mount that is securely locked away.

The TITAN II is almost identical to the TITAN I, containing all the safety, reliability and feature-filled design, but with the added benefit of the option of using a secondary camera. Such as an Internal, external, side/reverse, driver facing IR/Non-IR, or our heavy-duty camera. TITAN II also comes with an alarm trigger output, which makes the unit an adaptable and functional commercial system.

TITAN Witness Camera
Accident Camera

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