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Vehicle Reverse Cameras installed by Sheridan Installations Sussex UK

Vehicle Reverse Cameras

Allow us to supply and install high-quality reversing cameras for all your fleet.

Drive your fleet with accuracy and precision with our Sussex reverse cameras. We install and optimise high-quality reverse cameras, ensuring that there aren’t any surprises coming at you from behind.

Sheridan is supplying superior quality cameras that are specifically designed to help prevent accidents and improve visibility. 

Context is important for harsh driving events. When unsafe driving behaviour occurs, you can view the reversing camera to better understand what happened before and after, and provide video evidence in the event of a false insurance claim.

Help protect your commercial vehicles and train your drivers

One of the trickiest things you need to accomplish as a driver in the UK is to become really good at reverse parking. If you find reverse parking difficult then don't worry because Sheridan Installations fit a range of reversing car cameras to help you get into those tight spots.


Having a rear car camera allows you that extra field of vision to get into those parking spaces without the danger of damaging your car. Reversing cameras make you more aware of your surroundings and afford you that extra spatial awareness. Our vehicle reverse cameras works in all weather conditions giving you clear picture any time of year, keeping you safe as you drive.  The rearview camera provides parking guidelines displayed on the screen to help guide you as you manoeuvre those tight parking spaces, allowing you to navigate those blind spots.

Vehicle Reverse Cameras installed by Sheridan Installations, Sussex UK

At Sheridan Installations, we guarantee the efficient, easy, and affordable installation of reverse cameras, 4 Wire Fit and OEM style cameras. We value taking the necessary measurements to ensure precise and tailored camera installation for your fleet.

All our products are specifically developed to offer a wide range of innovative camera solutions that provide maximal internal and external visibility. 


We’re easy to get a hold of! Let’s find the right solution for you and your fleet! Connect with us today and we’ll provide you with state-of-the-art Sussex Reverse Camera solutions, tailored for your fleet.

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