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Trakm8 RH600 4G Telematics Integrated Camera

Trakm8 RH600 Dashcam installed by Sheridan Installations, Sussex UK

The RH600 can be used as a traditional dashcam with its dual-camera option, providing a 280-degree field of view and making simple work of gathering evidence in the event of a collision. The high-definition cameras can provide crystal clear footage from the driver’s perspective and hard evidence to defend claims of poor or distracted driving. The camera heads can be removed and positioned anywhere in the vehicle, providing the flexibility you need to monitor the driver, the road or your cargo.

As you would expect, the camera automatically records video of harsh events, but its real power lies in its ability to provide on-event videos or stills, and real-time streaming or historic video on-demand. For example, set the geofences alert and the camera will send you a video or photograph every time a site is entered, or simply request a video from a date and time last week to disprove an accident claim.

Live footage combined with real-time location data can also be essential in providing accurate ETAs to customers and updating them of the reason behind a delay.

The footage can also be used to provide real-world driver coaching. Event-based coaching will continually improve employee’s driving behaviour, reducing risk and assisting in the reduction of accident rates and the costs associated with collisions.

As well as giving fleet managers an insight into their driver’s practices behind the wheel, drivers themselves are provided with real-time visual feedback their driving performance through an inbuilt LED display

Another feature that sets RH600 apart from similar cameras is its ability to predict vehicle failures before they happen. Trakm8’s leading diagnostic capabilities have been integrated into its functionality, offering vehicle health updates including diagnostic trouble codes and battery performance, fundamentally reducing the time and costs that surround the identification of underlying faults. The device also provides fleet managers with servicing and maintenance reminders to enable proactive servicing and repairs to reduce downtime and cost.

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